Getting ready for Rockall

Nick Handcock sits upon his Rockall sleeping quarters!
Nick Handcock sits upon his Rockall sleeping quarters!

AN EXPLORER from Edinburgh is getting ready to spend two months living alone on the tiny island of Rockall.

Nick Hancock is making the final arrangements as he plans to live on the 100ft wide island - which is off the West Coast of Scotland - for 60 days without any support.

The intrepid adventurer plans to leave (weather dependent) in the last week of May and will return the first week of August.

He’s converted an eight foot water tank to live in and inhabiting the islet will be no easy task - it’s constantly pounded by 3,000 miles of Atlantic swell and waves around the islet have been known to reach as high as 95ft. Scary stuff!

Only four people have ever slept on Rockall and less than 100 have landed on it.

Nick was awarded £3,500 from Kukri Adventure Scholarship in February and plans to raise money for the charity Help the Heroes through his amazing feat.

He said: “Winning a share of the inaugural Kukri Adventure Scholarship has been instrumental in the expedition going ahead this year.

“I have had to postpone the expedition twice before, and I’m excited that it will be going ahead this year with Kukri’s generous support and will enable me to complete this personal challenge and raise money for Help for Heroes.”

Kukri’s Founder and Group Managing Director, Phil Morris added: “We were really inspired by Nick’s challenge. It will take not only a huge amount of mental strength to get through this challenge but physically it’s huge too.

“We’re really proud to be able to have helped Nick realise his dreams and wish him all the best of luck?”

Thirty-eight year old Nick grew up in Lancashire but he now lives in Edinburgh where he works as a chartered surveyor.

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