Allan demands answers on fuel duty cut

ISLES MSP, Alasdair Allan is re-applying pressure on the Chancellor of the Exchequer for answers on the delay to the promised 5p cut in fuel duty for Scottish islands.

Commented Alasdair Allan: “It has been a number of months now since the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, first proposed this five pence cut in fuel duty for Scottish island areas and we are still waiting. Since then I believe that the European Commission received the request to cut duty at the start of March, but it will still be some months from that date for the request to be agreed to.

“Since the fuel duty cut was first proposed for island areas we have seen VAT rise and the price of fuel is still going up punishing levels. A simple five pence cut may be a start, but the continued delay means it is now not going to be able to solve this massive issue on its own.”

The Treasury, Dr Allan continued, need to re-examine the way in which fuel is taxed and how that tax is passed onto ordinary motorists in Scotland’s most remote communities, because the current price regime is unsustainable.

“In areas like the Western Isles, fuel at a reasonable price is not just a luxury, it is a lifeline, and people need to get to work, to be able to shop, and to fuel their fishing boats,” he explained.

“I have written to the UK Treasury to pass on the impatience felt by many of my constituents in the Western Isles at the price of fuel and to ask that the 5 pence cut in fuel duty be implemented.”