Appeal for Moldova

THERE is still time to donate to the current Lewis Blthyswood Moldova Appeal, which runs on Thursday and Friday, September 8 and 9th from 3pm to 7pm, and on Saturday (September 19).

The drop-off point for collections is at Macdonald’s Store, Shell Street – the warehouse as you turn into Tescos, opposite the Stornoway Sea Angling Club – and local charity representatives are appealing for a whole range of items, including new furniture, bedding, children and adult clothes (washed and cleaned), educational toys, farming tools and musical instruments.

Incidentals like mops, buckets, brushes, washing powder, soaps, toiletries, knitting needles and hot water bottles are also in high demand. Unfortunately not electrical appliances cannot be accepted.

For any further details contact Charlie Nicolson on 01851 703325 or Chris Martin on 01851 706143.