Enjoy a safe and secure Loopallu

Stay safe and secure at Loopallu 2012
Stay safe and secure at Loopallu 2012
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POLICE and multi-agency partners want revellers at this weekend’s Loopallu festival to enjoy a safe and secure event.

The boutique festival opens in Ullapool today (Friday, September 21st) and concludes tomorrow night, with campers expected to stay overnight.

Loopallu is the final event of the Highlands and Islands festival calendar, following Rockness, Belladrum and the HebCelt festival.

The policing plan is already in place and the focus will be on maintaining public safety and reassurance in and around Ullapool throughout the weekend.

The safety and welfare of festival goers is paramount to the success of the festival according to Event Commander, Area Inspector Neil MacKinnon of Central Division.

He said: “Loopallu has enjoyed a relatively crime free past, but there is no room for complacency from a Policing perspective.

“The policing effort will be geared towards ensuring that revellers enjoy themselves, without compromising their own or other’s safety.

“As with other festivals we will be employing our tried and tested community based approach to policing, which has served us well at similar events in the past.”

He added: “There is a different crowd dynamic at the larger festivals in the area, however, we will deal robustly with any instances of disorder, anti-social behaviour or drug misuse.”

Inspector MacKinnon also urged revellers not to drink to excess during the weekend and risk spoiling the event for themselves or others.

Any instances of anti-social behaviour will be dealt with by Police and stewards. Those engaging in this type of behaviour will be ejected or in the more serious cases arrested.

Police will adopt a pro-active approach to drugs at the event and again members of the public are asked to report any instances of drug dealing or suspicious activity to the nearest police officer.

Officers are also warning drivers not to fall foul of drink drive laws and either kerb their drinking the night before leaving the event or assign a designated driver prior to the event.

Due to the fact that we are now near the end of September, Police would also advise revellers to bring suitable and warm clothing.