Islanders urged to get ready for winter

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Getting ready for winter on the road is something we all need to do. That’s why the Scottish Government has released a public information video-clip as part of its Ready for Winter? campaign, appealing for all drivers throughout the Western Isles to be better prepared this year.

Featuring a first-person case study, the video-clip – which is available on the Ready Scotland website ( and on You Tube ( - tells Lynne Maclagan’s story, recalling how she was caught out last year on the road and demonstrating how she will be better prepared this year.

It is also supported by Amey, the Met Office, the AA, and the police, who provide guidance and advice for drivers.

Research has shown that 6 out of 10 Scots do not feel prepared for severe weather*. The same survey also revealed that 44 per cent said they would welcome further information about how to get their family prepared for an emergency.

So, as well as illustrating that by taking simple steps, we can all be prepared on the road if severe weather strikes – the clip also highlights key considerations to make before travelling.

Minister for Housing and Transport Keith Brown said: “Getting ready for winter is something we all need to do – it takes only a few simple steps. That’s why we are encouraging everyone to put some straightforward plans in place so that they are prepared at home, on the road or in their communities.

“The video clip aims to help people be better prepared by raising awareness of Lynne’s story and providing practical tips and advice. By packing a few essential items in our cars, we can all be ready for winter if we have another cold snap this year.

“I therefore urge all drivers to check-out the clip today to get their cars ready for the road”.

Lynne Mclagan, who now works for the British Red Cross said: “After being caught-out on the road last year when severe weather hit, I was determined to be better prepared this year. That’s why I got ready for winter early by packing a few essential items in my car, which I demonstrate in the video. By taking part and sharing my experience, I hope I can help others be prepared too”.

The Scottish Government’s ‘Ready for Winter?’ campaign is being delivered in partnership with the British Red Cross and a range of public, private and voluntary sector partners. It’s encouraging everyone to get ready at home, on the road and in the community this winter.

Scottish Water is a key partner, and with its ‘Protect your Pipes – Be prepared this winter’ campaign, it’s getting behind the ‘Ready for Winter?’ messages by encouraging people across the country to heat, insulate and protect the pipes in their homes and businesses, to help prepare and protect their properties from frozen and burst pipes this winter.

Helpful winter advice films on how to locate your stop valve, insulate your pipes and what to do if a pipe bursts or freezes are available to view on their website at

Peter Farrer, Customer Service Delivery Director of Scottish Water, said:

“We have been working since the end of last winter to look at what we need to do, as a business, learning from that experience, to prepare for whatever this winter brings. We are also asking our customers to play their part in protecting their homes by taking some simple steps. We all need to be ready for winter.”

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