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The new edition of Back in the Day will hit the news stands next week. Here is a look at some of the things that will feature in the June edition.

The first photo in the slideshow, shows a Laxdale School class, but we are unsure who the pupils are or when it was taken. Can you help? See the image along with other school photos on page 4.

A group of children enjoy the Firemens’ Xmas Party in 1967. This photo appears in our first Contributions and Letters section on pages 6 and 7.

The Rodel Hotel, originally known as Rodel House and used as a shooting quarters on South Harris during the late Victorian and the Edwardian eras. Read David S.D. Jones’ piece on the South Harris Estate on pages 8 and 9.

Buses wait on South Beach in 1967, waiting to take passengers home to the Point area. See more buses from the Western Isles on page 10.

Read about the fatal plane crash at Stornoway airfield in 1944 on page 11.

A German tank lies burning in the deserts of North Africa during World War 2. Read Donald Macdonald’s second part on the decade that was the 1940s on pages 14 and 15.

The Radio Room on B.P. Tanker British Hazel. Read the concluding part of Hamish Taylor’s piece on the role of the Merchant Navy Radio Officer on pages 19 to 21.

Pictured are the councillors voted for in the first ever Western Isles Council elections in 1974. Find out who they are on page 23.

Can you help us name this happy group from north Lochs posing during a Sunday School outing in the late 60s/early 70s? See the photo on page 24.

Harris postmen received safe driving awards in 1984. To see this and other images turn to our second Contributions and Letters section on page 28 and 29.

Look at our Bygone Football page and find out who these Point FC players from 1963 are on page 31.




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