VIDEO: Tour of NY2SY ‘Alliance Trust’ row boat

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Solo North Atlantic NY2SY rower Niall Iain MacDonald has suffered further delays in the start of his epic 3,400mile row home.

Now in New York, Niall Iain is playing the waiting game for a weather window – and more importantly awaiting the arrival of his life-raft!

The life-raft had arrived, but due to a mistake by supplier Niall Iain was left with a hard-cased life-raft, not the canvas-cased one suitable for his adventure.

“I can’t officially go on ‘standby’ to begin my NY2SY row until the replacement life-raft arrives, it’s the last piece of the jigsaw and all I can do is wait,” he explained.

“I have already lost a whole week of my remaining time here due to this delay and, worst case scenario, I could lose another week.

“As a solo rower, I can’t really leave New York any later than the middle of June as this could result in me being caught in very bad weather and through all my research I know that the majority of solo rows that have not ended successfully on the North Atlantic route have left too late.

“There is every possibility that I could get the few days of favourable weather conditions that I need in the time I have remaining to get a decent start and get away from land so I need to try and remain positive...but that deadline remains,” Niall Iain added.

Before leaving for New York, Niall Iain showed the Stornoway Gazette around his ocean rowing boat ‘Alliance Trust’.

And you can keep up to date with Niall Iain and the NY2SY progress – which is raising funds for the Scottish Association for Mental Health – at; through the Facebook page ‘Ny2Sy: Solo North Atlantic Row’; and you can donate £10 by texting NY2SY to 70755




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