Mobile phone coverage survey

The BBC is conducting a major survey into the state of mobile phone coverage in the UK.

Over the course of the next month, the project will attempt to chart the availability of 3G and 2G services up and down the country.

Mobile operators offer their own coverage maps but no independent survey has yet been carried out.

Measurements will be made using an app developed by network analysis firm Epitiro.

The software can be downloaded by anyone with an Android handset and will record street level coverage across Britain.

At the end of the test period, the BBC aims to display the results on a clickable map.

Highlands & Islands Labour MSP Rhoda Grant, who is campaigning for improved broadband services across the Highlands & Islands said: “ This is the opportunity for those that have poor mobile reception and broadband connectivity to take part and help identify all the areas in the Highlands & Islands which suffer from a very poor or weak signal.”

Ms Grant went on to say: “I understand that those wishing to take part will need an Android handset to download the app. Once downloaded, data will be collected without you having to do anything more. If you wish to see what coverage is like in a particular place, simply click on the app.

“The app is free to download and it uses very little bandwidth. The data is anonymised and neither Epitiro nor the BBC will collate or store any personal data”.