MSP says end could be in sight for unfair delivery charges

Mike Mackenzie Highlands and Islands MSP questioned John Swinney, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth, this week in Parliament about unfair delivery charges in rural areas.

Mr Swinney responded that an opportunity would arise for an independent Scotland to take steps to ensure that no areas of Scotland were put at a disadvantage as a consequence of delivery charges referring to the recently published Scottish Government report on options for better consumer protection in an Independent Scotland.

Commenting Mr Mackenzie said: “Disproportionately high delivery charges in the Highlands and Islands have long been a concern to me, this is an issue that the Westminster Government has full control of and has so far failed to address, despite campaigning by the Scottish MSPs, Scottish CAB Service and many others. The result of this has been that many of my Constituents in rural areas are increasingly frustrated and isolated”

“Many of my Constituents have raised concerns with me about high delivery charges and in some instances the lack of delivery altogether. As more and more shopping is done online this problem only continues to get worse.”

“It is good to be reassured that following a ‘Yes’ vote in the referendum next year, the Scottish Government would be able to take this matter into its own hands to level the playing field, so my Constituents would no longer be disadvantaged financially or otherwise by these disproportionate charges.”