MSP speaks out against SNP proposals

Mary Scanlon, Scottish Conservative MSP for the Highlands and Islands and party Spokesperson for Energy, has spoken in a debate on Project Transmit, part of the consultation into reforming the way in which costs of providing the transmission grid are shared between users.

Commenting after the debate Mary said: “Scottish Conservatives are staunchly opposed to the SNP motion as it did not mention consumer bills, but stated the SNP government favoured the flat rate charging, also known as socialising.

“This approach seem bizarre given that OFGEM rules this out on the basis that – and I quote: ‘Average bills would rise most in the North of Scotland where fuel poverty is highest and least in London where fuel poverty is lowest’.

“In short Scottish Nationalists are proposing higher bills for Scotland and lower bills for London. This approach would cost at least another £30 per household in the North of Scotland, is this the SNP’s new Highland and Islands tax?”

Ms Scanlon also disapproved of the call for a change to be delivered quickly, saying: “This could only be done without the full consultation with the industry partners – The Connection Use of System Code Panel – which could take some months.

“If the SNP favour full and proper consultation surely they would favour the industry panel scrutinising the proposals rather than rushing them through and worrying about the problems later.

“There is no doubt this is an important issue which the UK government have rightly highlighted and spent time considering to come up with the best method for all. The SNP government on the other hand seem determined to implement changes no matter what disadvantage they would place Scottish consumers in and that simply is not acceptable.”