Open Day at Lewis Independent Christian School

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The annual Open Day at Lewis Independent Christian School is scheduled for Tuesday 25th September.

That day the school will be open from 9am until 3pm to enable both interested friends and prospective parents an opportunity to see what the School has to offer and to observe Christian education in practice. Although the School has been operating for 12 years, there are still many who remain unclear about what happens at the School and how the education there differs from that provided elsewhere. Headmaster, Samuel Markoff explains: “There are many similarities between LICS and other schools. We cover a full range of subjects, go on trips, and have annual performances. The difference is really to be found in the fact that we seek to look at everything, including science, geography and history from a Biblical perspective with Christ at the centre. This ‘God-centred’ approach differs from the ‘child-centred’ and ‘humanistic’ approaches to education that are becoming increasingly prevalent in contemporary society.” Parents considering the option of sending their children to the School are especially welcome at the Open Day. Anyone seeking more information can contact the School at or telephone 01851 700134.