Police Scotland advise the public of email, telephone and letter scam

Police are conducting inquiries. Picture: TSPL

Police are conducting inquiries. Picture: TSPL

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Police in Inverness are warning the public in the Highlands and Islands to beware of fraudulent scams in which people are contacted by telephone or letter or e-mail and informed that they have won a substantial cash prize.

In order to claim the prize the recipient is usually requested to send money to enable the administration of the payment as it is allegedly coming from abroad.

Further requests are normally made, until often substantial amounts of money can be handed over.

The organisers of these frauds can be very sophisticated and persuasive and it can seem quite genuine.

Police are advising that if anyone believes they may be subject to such a scheme, they should not become involved, should not hand over any money and should inform their local police station or call Police Scotland on 101.