Quiet and settled start to the winter weather

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The ‘Halcyon Days’ are a period of seven consecutive days of fine weather which occur in Greece during the early winter.

According to Greek mythology, Aeolus (the God of Winds) specifically restrained his power in order to allow for the kingfishers (halcyons) have sufficient time to lay their eggs.

And so, in complete contrast to the repeated storms and torrential rainfall that we had to endure at the same time last year, this year we have been enjoying one of the calmest and most settled starts to the winter for several years instead – and which is certainly reminiscent of some of those Greek halcyon days. Indeed, at the time of writing, the fine spell has already lasted for more than seven days, with the whole of past fortnight to three-week-period being anomalously settled and quiet across the Hebrides and northwest Scotland.

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Pictured above reflections on the duck pond in Lews Castle Grounds, Stornoway (photo: Eddie Graham)