Silver Pendant winners at Mòd are prepared to succeed

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This year’s Silver Pendant winners at the Royal National Mòd in Inverness are Donna Dugdale (31) from Mull and Hector MacKechnie (40) from Morvern.

The final for the competition took place yesterday evening (Wednesday) and the winners’ model skills were tested this morning as the press pack captured images of the victorious pair with their coveted medals.

Talking of her win Donna, who has qualified for the final four times, but had come second each year until now, said that what made the difference this year was her Gaelic preparation, she said: “In the last couple of years it was the Gaelic that let me down, I had great scores for the music but just needed more work on the Gaelic. This time I went over the Gaelic with different people and made sure it was better.”

This was the first year Hector had qualified for the Silver Pendant, but he managed to put his nerves aside and described himself as “quite calm” for the performance.

Talking about the preparation needed for the competition he said: “It’s a big commitment, you are ramping up to it for ten or eleven months.”

But with both the Silver Pendant winners competing in choir competitions later today (Thursday) Donna with the Mull Choir and Hector with the Movern and Ardnamurchan Choir the Silver Pendant celebrations were put on ice, but once the pressure is off tonight, they intend to raise a glass to their hard earned victory.