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We all want peace

The terrible events that took place in Egypt last week where Coptic Christians were murdered as they attended worship was a terrible act of violence and hatred that has shocked the world. Claimed by the group who identify as ‘ISIS’, this is unfortunately not unique, but it remains a very disturbing trend in terrorist tactics. Carried out during the period of Holy Week leading to Eastertide, this was clearly aimed at the heart of a Christian community who should rightly have felt safe attending their Church to pray. Being persecuted for our faith is not new and has been going on for hundreds of years all over the world.

This particular atrocity sends a message to Christians the world over that the danger exists, even in the places we believe are the safest. I pray for those who now mourn the loss of loved ones and for those who were injured, both physically and mentally. For those who planned and perpetrated this act, they will answer to God when their time comes.

We place great trust in our political masters and security services to address the threat that we live amongst. We hope that they are provided with the necessary resources and support required to carry out a very difficult job. We all want a world where peace is first and foremost on the agenda and I hope that those in positions of influence throughout globe continue to strive for this.

Blessings Always, Reverend Terry Taggart


Oidhche Challuinn

The showing of an “Oidhche Challuinn” evening will be screened on Friday 21st April in the Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre Balmoral Street.. This this will undoubtedly attract an audience of those who well remember the annual production containing plots, sub plots, and the sheer mayhem created in this “Island” household.

The annual stage production floated around many Glasgow venues and also travelled to other locations as diverse as Lochearnhead, Edinburgh and London At the recent Mod in Paisley some excerpts from previous productions featured and this was greatly appreciated.

Any history of Oidhche Chaluinn would include the close involvement over many years of the Maciver family of Danes Drive. Their family home was taken over for rehearsals and although they are no longer with us they added immensely to the production. Alex with a notebook noted topical or newsworthy items of the day, Donnie would add his own thoughts and Ishbeal as the perfect hostess would provide teas and homebaking. Rehearsal time was packed with laughter and emerging from all the efforts came a production that always found favour with all audiences. The theme was based around a rather disjointed family and the Bodach was always in open conflict from a housekeeper or wife and creating confusion was the son of the house “Iain” Casual visitors in the form of singers came to visit and always a person in some guise of officialdom would call to investigate some supposed breaches of the law. A Doctor or Nurse would call and inevitably wish to sound the chest of the Bodach. Adding to the hilarity was his efforts to remove the seven jerseys he was wearing.

The Minister sometimes would drop in with advice and would be treated with utmost courtesy which seemed to leave the family as soon as the Minister left them.

There were memorable performances from the many participants and although this unique event has ceased in terms of an annual production it lives on in the memories of the many people who had the pleasure of taking part or the enjoyment of being a member of an audience.

The Association are appreciating the use of the Community Centre for Friday evening. As this Centre is managed by volunteers a 7 pm start is required and this is to ensure that the programme can take place. The proceedings will finish for 9.30 pm Tea will be available and as there is no charge for admission donations on the night will be appreciated.

The Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre is at 64 Balmoral Street, Scotstoun, (G14 OBL)and has a large parking facility at the Centre.


Golf News

A fine day for Mal and Chris Hall to play their last game before moving to pastures new on the mainland. Mal was joined by another past captain Hugh Maclean and Billy ‘The Beard’ Scott, playing nine holes gave them time to lay out the celebration which took place after the matches were finished.

A Stableford competition was played and the winner was,’The Gunner’ with 34 points and second the ‘Bandit’ with 31 points.

We were joined on the day by a life member his wife and son in-law who were up for the Easter break.

The ladies match was won by Chris Hall with Anne Milne second,


Na Hearadh agus Ceann a Deas Nan Loch

Public meetings will be held for Council Elections for Na Hearadh agus Ceann a Deas nan Loch on days prior to the election:

Ravenspoint, South Lochs - Thursday, April 27

Isle of Scalpay Community Centre - Friday, April 28

Leverburgh Hall - Tuesday, May 2

Tarbert Community Centre - Wednesday May 3

All candidates have been invited to appear and meetings will commence at 7:30pm.

The Harris meetings will be hosted by the three area Community Councils.

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