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Club news

Balallan Recreational Club will be holding an AGM in the Balallan Hall on Tuesday 13th September at 7.30pm.

The hall renovations are now complete and we urgently need a sizeable committee to progress our activities plans in the hall. If you can spare an hour a month, please come along and help us out. You will be made most welcome.

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Dates for your diary.Saturday 17th September Salt herring/salt mackerel/salt salmon and tatties 1.30pm in hall. Saturday 8th October bag packing and raffle in Co op, volunteers required please! Tuesday 18th October Ceilidh in Balallan Hall 7.30pm


Oidhche Chaluinn

The flagship performances of Oidhche Challuinn night will be re-visited when the audience can listen yet again to some of the recorded excerpts.

These are being presented on Friday 9th September at the Community Facility which is situated in Balmoral Street.

This is situated across from Victoria Drive and the location is called the Heart of Scotstoun.

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With a 7.30 start there is a warm welcome extended to everyone to , yet again, hear and appreciate the taste of those famous nights partly preserved and fondly remembered by many.


Gaelic service

Rev Donnie Macsween minister of Kiltearn Parish Church in Evanton will conduct the next Gaelic Service in the Dingwall Community Centre on Tulloch St.

The service on Sunday the 4th of September begins at the usual time of 3:00pm and everyone is most welcome.


Livestock sale

Stornoway Dingwall & Highland Marts Ltd., (August, 24th) sold 3,342 store lambs and feeding sheep. Cheviot lambs (891) averaged £44.27 (+ £6.50 on year) and sold to £64.50 gross from 9 Back, Barvas.

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Texel cross lambs (232) averaged £53.00 (+ £6.71 on year) and sold to £61.50 gross from 22 Lower Barvas, Stornoway. Suffolk cross lambs (371) averaged £49.41 (+ £8.91 on year) and sold to £61.50 gross from 15 Northton, Isle of Harris. Blackface lambs (1085) averaged £32.25 (+ £4.15 on year) and sold to £57.50 gross from Sheshader, Point. Cross lambs (450) averaged £38.74 (+ £2.05 on year) and sold to £55 gross from 5 East Street, Sandwick. Other leading prices per head: Uig & Bernera: Chev – 1 Carishader, £44; BF – 7 Hacklett, £41; SuffX – 7 Rees, £43. Westside: Chev – 28 Lower Barvas, £54; TexX – 2A Back, £55.50; SuffX – 11 Upper Barvas, £56.50; BF – 22 Lower Barvas, £53.50; Cross - 33 Callanish, £50.50. Lochs: Chev – 8A Ranish, £57.50; TexX – 20 Ranish, £60; SuffX – 30 Gravir, £60; BF – 7 Garyvard, £45; Cross – 10 Kershadder, £50. Harris: Chev – 2 Scaladale, £48.50; SuffX – Atlantic View, £54.50; BF – Caiream, Grosebay, £44; Cross – 15 Macqueen Street, £44.50. Point: Chev – 29 Flesherin, £59; TexX – 29 Flesherin, £59.50; SuffX – Sheshader, £47; BF – 7B Shader, £45. Ness: Chev – 43 Habost, £55.50; Cross – 32A Cross Skigersta Road, £54. Back: Chev – 9 Back, £55; TexX – 2A Back, £55.50; SuffX – 9 Back, £56; BF – 10 Vatisker, £52; Cross – 50 Back, £42.Stornoway: Chev – 25B Newmarket, £51.50; TexX – 5 East Street, £47; SuffX – 5 East Street, £44.50; BF – 7 Ivorhill, £47; Cross – 5 New Valley, £42.50.


Mr Donald Morrison Campbell - Replace Satellite Dishes at Sportsworld, 1 - 3 Francis Street, Stornoway

Dion Fire Safety Security Ltd - Proposal Site 2 x Storage Containers at Containers, Dion Fire Safety Security Ltd, 212 Newmarket

Urras Oighreachd Gabhsainn - Camping and caravan site and associated facilities at Campsite, Fivepenny, Ness

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Mr Paul Finnegan - Erect replacement sun room at Seafield, Ardinashaig, Scalpay

Scottish Water - Erect Water Treatment Works, install associated plant and tanks; and construct access and parking areas at Water Treatment Works, Lochmaddy

F MacLellan - Site Residential Caravan with Acces road, septic tank and soakway at Caravan, Hillview, Griminish, Creagorry



So the Olympics are finished and those who won medals will no doubt be local heroes as they return home to their loved ones.

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The Parallel Olympics will soon begin and we shall witness even more feats of strength, endurance and courage to match those we have already seen.

The Parallel, or Para-Olympics, as they are more commonly referred to are markedly different from what we watched a couple of weeks ago.

We shall still see men and women competing at the highest levels of their physical ability, we shall see tears of joy and tears of anguish as medals are won and lost. We will see national pride and see flags and hear anthems aplenty.

We shall also see a group of people who carry with them, physical disabilities, either from birth or sustained as a result of health or injury. Unfortunately there is talk of various cuts to the format of the Para-Olympics due to withdrawal of funding. This ‘bombshell’ was revealed close to the conclusion of the previous games and has resulted in many Countries not being able to be as fully represented as they would have hoped to be.

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Did the Brazilian Olympic authorities foresee this? or was it a massive miscalculation of resources.

Whatever the reasons, those competitors attending will try their best and put themselves through physical, mental and emotional stress, and for that we should not only admire them but we should support the great strength of mind that makes an individual train so hard for so long.

Life certainly is not a rehearsal, but it is a pre-cursor for great things to come.

Blessings Always, Reverend Terry Taggart

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