Comedian Fred Macaulay takes a wry look at politics

Fred Macaulay will play his Ness gig on July 7th.Fred Macaulay will play his Ness gig on July 7th.
Fred Macaulay will play his Ness gig on July 7th.
Ahead of his annual attendance at the Fringe, Fred Macaulay is on the road again and brings his stand-up show to the Borders.

Catch his hilarious new show at the Ness FC Social Club on Friday, July 7th.

With so much happening politically at home and abroad, there’s no shortage of material for comedians.

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Are you worried about the future after Brexit? How do you plan to celebrate the triggering of Article 50. And speaking of ‘triggering’ could Trump really kick off the war that’ll not only end all wars, but the whole planet!

Fred says: “Every comedian worth his salt has Trump material. I’m probably the only comic who has suffered personally as a result of his election. Turnberry is one of my favourite courses, but as a small personal protest against Trump’s blatant racism and misogyny I’ve decreed that I’ll never play the course again whilst it’s under his stewardship!” It’s this kind of gesture that will hopefully make Trump think again.....!!!

As for Brexit, will it lead to the triggering of Indyref2? The gloves might soon be off with Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon. The gloves might, but the shoes won’t.

And who apart from Theresa May saw an unplanned General Election coming….by the time Fred gets this tour started the result will have been declared and the new prime minister might have called another election.

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Fred might not have the answers to political questions (or else he would have been on Question Time) but one thing is for sure, after nearly 30 years on stage, he’ll have a right good laugh about it all. And so will you. Fred’s brand of humour mixes cheek, sarcasm and satire and has entertained people for three decades. If you’ve seen him before, you know it’s good comedy and if you haven’t come along and see what you’ve been missing!

The Ness show starts at 9pm. Tickets (£14) from the Club or on: 01851 810 421.