Death by Crunchie

Given the current monsoon weather you could be forgiven for giving up on your summer holidays. Regardless of the weather I will shortly be heading off on holiday so with that in mind it was time to get out the summer shirts to see which ones were still fashionable and more importantly did any of them still fit?

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 17th July 2016, 7:40 am

Sadly some were a tad tighter than I remember and the buttons were in danger of bursting and taking out someone’s eye. So with finances on the tight side, the only solution was to remove some of the excess blubber around the midriff and get myself a bit fitter in the process.

So that is how I came to find myself lying on the bedroom floor getting ready to start my ‘Abs in 30 days’ programme. I didn’t exactly want a six-pack, unless it was cans of Magner’s, but I did want to try and look a bit leaner this summer so I downloaded the app and got ready to shed the pounds.

At the start I was having trouble swiping through the pages on my android tablet so I decided to put down my glass of wine and give this my full concentration. I was on Day 2 of the Abs programme but don’t read too much into that as I had completed Day 1 six months previously. At this rate I wouldn’t finish the 30 day programme before Christmas. Anyway this time I was determined to stick to the programme.

The first exercise on Day 2 was 15 sit ups which were a lot easier than I thought after my six month lay-off. I have to admit there was a sigh of relief when I realised that I could still see my toes even when I was lying on my back.

The next exercise was 15 crunches. I would have preferred 15 Crunchies but I managed to ignore my Cadbury craving and completed every last crunch. The crunches were a killer and by now my tummy was starting to complain so I was a bit nervous about the last exercise, 15 leg raises.

15 leg raises may sound simple but it nearly killed me, literally. It wasn’t that I couldn’t manage them, it was because I nearly choked on the biscuit I had between my teeth. I guess I had under estimated the difficulty Day 2 would bring. I also guess that eating biscuits whilst exercising not only defeats the purpose of getting fit but it can choke you to death if you are not careful.

Day 3 beckons but I have yet to decide whether to lay off the crunches and stick to the Crunchies.