Gazette Letters - Disabled Parking

The Western Isles Carers, Users & Supporters Network (WICUSN) continue to be aware of abuse of disabled designated parking bays.

Obviously able bodied people, parking in a disabled designated bay in Perceval Square, making several trips back and fore to the shops in Cromwell Street loading their merchandise into their car, particularly disheartening is the fact that there were vacant regular bays feet away.

No sign of any traffic warden to police the area. Abuse of other bays designated for use by disabled people has also been witnessed by our members.

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WICUSN is increasingly concerned that if the Comhairle extends their charging policy to other areas of the car parks that even more abuse will take place.

WICUSN would respectfully ask the Chief Constable of the police to please instruct the traffic wardens to be more vigilant with regard to this issue.

We are saddened that so many fit people fail to consider the needs of those less fortunate than themselves and it is necessary for us to once more highlight this issue.

Jinty Morrison,


Isle of Lewis HS2 9EA