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Nicola Sturgeon would have us believe that we all want to remain cemented to the EU. Well, I have news for her, and all who are obsessed with Brussels: no we certainly don't.

Why should a sane person wish to remain in an institution that has not been given a clean bill of health by the European Court of Auditors for 21 years in a row?

While the EU will mesmerize you with incredulous facts and figures, be assured they won’t tell you that they misspent 5.5 billion Euros in 2013, 6.3 billion Euros in 2014 and 5 billion Euros in 2015!

Even their own auditors don’t trust them, following the mega billions they wastefully squander. And these misspent billions includes our dosh as well.

Taking account of the money that comes back and the aid spending, Britain last year gave almost £6.5 billion to the EU that would otherwise not have been paid out if we were not members of their club. That’s almost £18 million a day… too much.

We desperately need all these pounds to spend on vital lifeline services between John O’Groats through to Land’s End, rather than misspend it as the EU clearly does.

I wonder how many people know that, because of the EU, we have given up to be a proper democratic nation.

Membership of the European Union is undemocratic because the European Commission, which is unelected, has the monopoly of proposing all EU legislation which it does in secret.

It also has the power to issue regulations which are automatically binding in all member states. Yes, that means that we can’t change a single European law through the ballet box, and that is wrong, wrong, wrong.

To those who undiscerningly TELL us that it is safer to stay in the European Union, can I assuredly tell them they are also 100% wrong.

At this very moment the EU is facing a crisis over its currency and economy, and a similar one over ‘freedom of movement’ and security.

The risk of staying in is considerable not just for our economy, but increasingly for our national security and democracy.

Don’t let the ‘stay inners’ tell you otherwise, as they inevitably will through the mountain of misinformation that will come filtering through your letterbox over the next few months.

Mr Donald J Morrison

Inverness, IV2 3HT

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