Gazette Letters - NHS Investment

Despite the brutal Tory austerity cuts, the SNP Scottish Government have pledged a further £500 million above inflation to be invested into our NHS and Social Care budget.

This will take the budget to record levels of £13 billion. This is a far cry from the days of the Labour Administration when we had dirty hospitals, A&E closures, long waiting times and public meetings with constant horror stories.

The debt ridden NHS in England is seriously under threat of privatisation and is suffering substantially from lack of investment. The SNP has fully committed to do everything within its power to prevent this happening in Scotland. Investment in the NHS and Social Care budget is vital.

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Since the SNP came to power,the numbers working in the NHS has grown by 10,600 people. It is those working in our NHS who are behind the success.

The SNP are well aware that there is still much more to do as healthcare continues to evolve. This has been made abundantly clear by the SNP Government.

Considering the records of the parties at this upcoming election, the best way to support our NHS is to give our constituency and list vote to the SNP, who have committed to our fantastic NHS and its future.

David Somerville