Harris in the frame in artist's first solo exhibition

Fond childhood memories of long summer holidays spent exploring the varied landscapes of Harris is the inspiration for a forthcoming solo exhibition from one of Inverness' best known artist's.

Artist Edward C. MacMillan
Artist Edward C. MacMillan

Entitled Homeland to Mainland, it’s artist Edward MacMillan’s nod to his ancestral links to the island as well as to the landscape of his own Inverness home.

“Harris represents a second home for me, but more importantly both of my parents are from South Harris and where they are now buried, so there are unbreakable ties,” explained Edward.

“The island’s space, colour, texture, and in particular, the rock formations are what inspire me and feature strongly in my work.”

With various aunts and cousins still on the island, Edward has been a regular visitor back to Harris over the years, both for his family and his art.

This latest project, which consists of 25 new works, took 18 months and four visits to complete.

“I initially draw the subject matter in-situ and then with the help of photographs work up a more detailed drawing in the studio in preparation for the painting,” he explained.

“I paint in watercolour and use a series of washes and glazes to build up colour.

“Of the finished works, my painting of St 
Clement’s Church at Rodel, which is one of the paintings included in the show, is a particular favourite.”

When the exhibition opens at the Castle Gallery in Inverness on March 3, it will prove to be a double celebration for Edward who also celebrates his 55th birthday on the same day.

It also represents the start of a new chapter for the artist, who after 25 years of successes in Inverness with his company Artmedia, will soon be relocating to Perth where he intends to paint full time.

“This exhibition has given me that desire to want to paint full time and I hope to set up a studio at my home in Perth once my business is sold.

“That will also allow me to get back to the the Island of which I am so deeply connected to.”

>>> Homeland and Mainland - Watercolour Painting of Harris and Inverness, runs from March 3-25 at the Castle Gallery, Inverness.