Scots are forgetting New Year diets

Spicy Indian food proved popular during JanuarySpicy Indian food proved popular during January
Spicy Indian food proved popular during January
Scots are swapping restrictive January diets for indulgent restaurant dining.

Forget juice cleanses and dry Januarys - Scottish foodies are saying “sod the diet” and choosing to spend the first month of 2016 indulging in restaurant dining.

According to leading restaurant booking website, 24 per cent more Scots are dining out in January compared to last year.

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Plus, the most popular cuisine choices have been the naughtiest ones, with 37 per cent browsing Italian restaurants and 14 per cent looking for Indian restaurants.

A decadent slab of tiramisu and creamy curry with naan proving a direct contrast to all gym and diet boasts usually heard at this time of year.

So what is the explanation for the increase in restaurant bookings? Are the healthy eating claims covering up the truth of a nation of gannets? Or have Scottish diners simply realised the New Year diets rarely last anyway so there’s little point in denying yourself in the first place?

Ronnie Somerville, 5pm Founder, thinks Scots are a nation of foodies who are reluctant to give up their meals out.

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He said: “From Michelin star fine dining establishments to street food pop ups, Scotland has a thriving foodie scene and Scottish diners have become accustomed to top quality food at excellent value for money.”

“It is regarded by most chefs that Scotland has the best larder in the world, which includes our meat, fish, fruit and veg, and this is reflected in the quality of restaurant food.

“Savvy Scots have realised there’s no point going cold turkey for one month only to fall off the wagon and stuff their faces in February. They have realised everything in moderation is the key - and with so many excellent restaurants in Scotland, why should they deny themselves?”

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