Young Gaelic Reading Ambassador named

The Gaelic Books Council has announced that singer and presenter Linda Macleod is their Young Gaelic Reading Ambassador.

Linda will spearhead a national initiative, Leugh agus Seinn le Linda, to encourage youngsters to listen to stories and to enjoy Gaelic story books.

Linda MacLeod has earned an enviable reputation as a talented Gaelic singer and television presenter. She can be seen test driving high end cars on the BBC Alba Air an Rathad series and provides the commentary for a range of Gaelic music programmes.

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Rosemary Ward, Director of the Gaelic Books Council said: “Linda will visit Gaelic nurseries, primary schools and community groups to deliver fun filled reading sessions for young children.

“She will showcase Gaelic story books, sing and read stories and encourage parents to read Gaelic books to their children.

“An environment that has a wealth of stories and books is essential for the development and richness of children’s language skills.

“Linda will be an excellent Young Reading Ambassador as she has both a beautiful voice and wonderful Gaelic and she inspires and entertains her young audiences.”

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Linda said: “It is a real honour to be named the Gaelic Books Council’s Young Gaelic Reading Ambassador and I’m looking forward to delivering more Leugh agus Seinn le Linda sessions to children all over Scotland.

“Books are a vital resource for young children learning Gaelic and it is a pleasure for me to encourage them to listen to various stories and to read in such an enjoyable environment.

“We are very fortunate to have such a wealth of children’s Gaelic literature today and I hope these sessions will inspire children and their parents to read more together at home too.”

Pictured is Young Gaelic Reading Ambassador Linda MacLeod.

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