Ready for Loganair to take flight now

Nick Ponty
Nick Ponty

Loganair, Scotland’s Airline, has opened on-line check-in for its first flights taking off today (Friday. Septmber 1), as the carrier commences operations in its own right after nearly quarter of a century operating under franchise agreements with other airlines.

As part of an extensive programme to focus on customer service and convenience, Loganair is introducing a number of developments to accompany its launch of services under its own brand as Scotland’s Airline.

On-line check-in now opens four days before every flight, offering customers the opportunity to check-in far earlier than ever before for their journey. The on-line check-in portal can be found at under the “Manage Booking & Check-in” tab on the home page and customers can visit this to check-in up to 60 minutes before a flight’s scheduled departure time.

For flight departures in the Highlands & Islands, check-in will continue to close 30 minutes before departure, as normal.

From September 1, thanks to a new agreement between Highlands & Islands Airports and Loganair, it will also be possible for customers to use boarding cards on their mobile devices such as an iPhone or Android phone, saving the need to print a boarding card in advance - and for those travelling with hand-baggage only, enabling them to go straight to the security check-point for their flight.

Customers on flights departing from airports including Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Manchester can already use boarding cards on their mobile devices.

For those dropping off baggage or wishing to use check-in at the airport desks, Loganair check-in at Highlands & Islands airports will now open earlier for mid-morning, afternoon and evening flights.

Desks will be available from 90 minutes before flight departure instead of the previous one hour, and security check-points at Kirkwall and Stornoway will both be opening earlier to enable customers to go through security at a time of their choosing rather than needing to wait for calls and queue up to clear through the security search point.

Customers at boarding gates for Loganair flights will also no longer need to show photo ID before boarding their flight. If checking in a bag at the check-in desk, it will continue to be a requirement to produce photo ID for security reasons. Where customers have an onward flight with another airline after their journey with Loganair, the next airline may also require photo ID under its policies, and so Loganair continues to recommend that customers carry a form of identification with them.