Were you an extra in 'Limbo' which filmed on Uist back in 2019?

The Scottish premiere of the first feature film ever shot on the Uists is to have its premiere online at Glasgow Film Festival from 3 - 6 March

By John A. MacInnes
Tuesday, 23rd February 2021, 11:05 am
The movie is set to premiere online
The movie is set to premiere online

Limbo is a deadpan comedy-drama which brings a completely fresh perspective to the life of a migrant fleeing persecution and war.

Musician Omar (the wonderful Amir El-Masry) has fled the conflict in Syria and now finds himself washing up at a refugee centre on a remote Scottish island. Separated from home, family and friends, he waits in limbo for others to decide his future.

Omar's desperate situation is marked by open hostility, offers of friendship and small acts of kindness from the strangers all around him.

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Limbo was shot on location on the Uists in late 2019 pre-Covid and features the beauty of the island landscape in addition to many members of the local community who volunteered as extras during the production

The film, by award-winning Scottish director Ben Sharrock is a beautiful, achingly poignant tale that will break your heart on the way to warming your soul.

"A thoroughly wonderful sophomore feature from the British director Ben Sharrock – witty, poignant, marvellously composed and shot, moving and even weirdly gripping.” – The Guardian gave the movie a five star review

Were you an extra in the film, if so, the Gazette would love to hear from you, what part did you play? Contact us via email at: [email protected] or directly to the editor, John MacInnes on: [email protected]

You can pre-book the film now from the Glasgow Film Festival via their website at: athome.glasgowfilm.org/film/limbo-n-c-15/