Winner bill sits at more than $21m and still counting

Grounded off Islands.
Grounded off Islands.

The grounding, refloating and transportation of the Transocean Winner from Lewis has cost rig owners Transocean $21 million dollars they have confirmed.

Figures released by the oil giants have confirmed the sum related to the Winner accrued so far during their third quarter earnings call.

The final figure for the Winner could climb even higher as the $21 million figure reportedly does not include the most recent loading operations which was done with the heavy lift ship The Hawk in Broadbay last month.

Transocean confirmed: “$21 million was related to the grounding, salvage and preparation for recycling of the Transocean Winner.”

The Winner was infamously grounded on Dalmore Beach on August 8 where it remained for several weeks before a successful re floatation saw it towed to the more sheltered Broadbay.

The 17,000-tonne oil rig ended it’s two month stay on Lewis in mid-October when it began a journey to Malta on the Hawk.

It was later transported to Turkey for recycling.

Transocean have since made a £120,000 donation to the Comhairle as a thank you gift following the arrival of the grounded oil rig.