2021 competition winners are announced by North Uist Historical Society

North Uist Historical Society have announced the winners of the writing competition for 2021.
North Uist Historical Society have announced the 2021 competition winnersNorth Uist Historical Society have announced the 2021 competition winners
North Uist Historical Society have announced the 2021 competition winners

The society thanked everyone who took part, and were impressed both by the number and quality of the pieces they received.

Judges - Pauline Prior-Pitt (English entries) and Caitriona NicCuthais (Gaelic entries) - wanted to share their thoughts, such was the quality of entries received.

“Bha a’ bhàrdachd agus na sgeulachdan uile cho innteanach agus tlachdmhor. Mar sin thàth mi an fheadhainn a bha mi a’ faireachdainn a b’fhaisge air a chuspair agus an t-aite a thagh iad, agus a thug orm smaoineachadh gun robh mi ann,” said Caitriona NicCuthais.

Pauline Prior-Pitt said: “What a brilliant idea to offer photographs of beautiful parts of Uist for people to write about.

"Variety and imagination were shown in all the responses; each one taking a different viewpoint. Everyone who entered deserves to be congratulated on the quality of their writing.

"I enjoyed reading all of the entries but was particularly impressed by the atmospheres created by the winners, their telling images and precise exploration of place.”

A huge congratulations to all the winners. You can find their works in the drop-down menu under 'Proiseactan/Projects - Writing Competition' at the society’s website at: ceut.scot/writing-competition.html.Gàidhlig winners were announced as:

Adult prose: Lachina MacVicar;

Adult poetry: Pàdruig Morrison;

4-11 prose: Seumas B (P3)

While the winning entries in the English category were:

Adult poetry: Geoff Daniel;

Adult prose: Helen Forbes, Geoff Daniel

12-18 poetry: Elissa Hunter-Dorans

4-11 prose: Katie (P5)

4-11 poetry: Rachel (P4)

The Gazette was suitably impressed with the quality of the writing for all the entries, which, in many cases was sufficiently descriptive to stop the reader in their tracks, and transport them immediately to the location in question.

What was more impressive was the fact that a lot of the winning entries were from children, three of which are in primary schools. Why not pop along to the website and have a look?