Escape to the wilds with new BBC Alba series

Rock climber, runner and all-round adventurer Coinneach Rankin is back for more exciting escapades as he takes on Scotland’s most stunning and rugged landscapes in series two of “Dàna/Scotland’s Wild Side”.
Presenter Coinneach RankinPresenter Coinneach Rankin
Presenter Coinneach Rankin

Produced by Solus Productions, the four-part series sees Coinneach dangle from rock faces and trudge through bog, mist and midges to reach breathtaking summits across the country.

Their journey started on the uninhabited island of Mingulay in the Outer Hebrides, Coinneach teams up with his friend, Nicky Brierley, as she joins him to tackle some of the toughest climbs the country has to offer.

From Sròn an Dùin to Rubha Hèacla, the pair push themselves to the limit in search of thrills and adventure upon some of the country’s most imposing sea cliffs.

Camping amidst the island’s dramatic landscape, Coinneach is surrounded by the wildlife of Mingulay Bay and a lost community steeped in history.

Last inhabited in 1912, Coinneach and Nicky get a fleeting glimpse into what island life might have been like over 100 years ago as residents scaled the cliffs in search of food.

Coinneach said: “Filming for the second series was an incredible experience, but was not without its challenges.

"The iconic Cuillin Ridge, explored in episode two, has always been an irresistible pull to myself and many other mountaineers, drawn by the mystique and challenge of these incredible peaks.”

Dàna is broadcast on BBC ALBA every Wednesday night and available on BBC iPlayer for 30 days.