Former children's officer is reunited with the baby girl he never forgot

A former Ross and Cromarty County Council children’s officer who last week told the Gazette about the baby he took to a football match, was astonished when we found her.

By John A. MacInnes
Monday, 12th April 2021, 3:01 pm
Angela Morrison is looking forward to meeting the former children's officer who arranged her adoption
Angela Morrison is looking forward to meeting the former children's officer who arranged her adoption

Angela Morrison, 52, saw our story in last week’s paper, and as she read it, suddenly realised she was the baby referred to.

Murray Haddow, now 95 years of age, was the designated Children’s Officer for Ross Shire, which at that time included the Isle of Lewis.

He was also a keen supporter and a director of Ross County Football Club.

One Saturday morning he and his wife collected a baby from temporary foster parents in Dingwall and set off to Inverness Airport to meet a couple who were flying in from Stornoway.

However, as was often the case at that time, the flight from Stornoway was cancelled because of fog, so off the ‘family’ went to the match, complete with baby.

Angela told us how her adoptive parents are both dead now, but remarked on the amazing childhood they had provided for her.

She said: “Growing up on the island was idyllic, and it’s only now I’m older that I realise how lucky I was.

"To think that Murray has never forgotten that wee baby girl, six weeks old, now a married woman with her own family is remarkable.

"I left school and worked in a number of jobs, including a local bakery, various secretarial jobs, as a cashier in the Co-op before finally finding my feet and started working as a carer, a job I love. I’m now a day care officer with the council, something I’ve been doing for 19 years.

"As soon as my uncle, mums brother came in with the paper from last week, and we sat down to discuss it, I knew the ‘missing’ baby had to be me. I went to get my adoption papers and lo and behold there was the same name Mr Haddow, the children’s officer, who had signed them for my adoption."

Murray Haddow told the Gazette: “I am thrilled and delighted that baby Angela has turned up and would very much like to have a chat to find out about her life since then, and I can't wait to speak to her." He is also delighted that Angela is married and has a family of her own.

The writer has now put both parties in touch with each other and we hope to update readers on the outcome.