New respite equipment for Hillcrest

New equipment was recently purchased by NHS Western Isles for Action for Children/Hillcrest in Stornoway, to improve facilities for children and young people receiving care in the service's respite accommodation.

Sunday, 25th December 2016, 7:56 am
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 2:57 pm
The new equipment for Hillcrest includes a hoist system with Emelin Collier, NHSWI Head of Planning & Development, Gordon Jamieson, NHSWI Chief Executive, and Valerie Russell, Action for Children Eilean Siars Childrens Service Manager.

An automatic adjustable specialist bed and a modern lightweight hoist have been provided to replace older equipment and enable staff to care more effectively for children and young people with complex health needs. The adjustable nature of the bed will also ensure a more comfortable respite stay.

Action for Children/Hillcrest, as well as providing the respite care service is also a residential home for looked after children and young people aged under 18, who for various reasons need to be accommodated outwith their own home. A range of other services are provided to ensure maximum support for the facility’s young residents.

Valerie Russell, Action for Children Eilean Siar’s Children’s Service Manager, said: “The bed is very high tech and comfortable but also looks quite homely.

“Staff are also extremely happy with the hoist which compared to the last one is like a Mercedes compared to our old Lada!

“We would like to thank those NHS Western Isles staff who helped provide useful advice in the selection and purchasing of the equipment, as well as erecting the bed.”

Emelin Collier, NHS Western Isles’ Head of Planning & Development, said: “Despite the fact that this is very high tech equipment, it does not look at all ‘institutional’.

“In fact, with personalised bedding for each child or young person using the bed, the room looks very homely and welcoming.

“We are delighted to be able to support this very valuable and essential local service in this way.”