NHS Western Isles launch new Covid-19 booklet

NHS Western Isles has developed a COVID-19 Guide for communities, which contains information on COVID-19, vaccination, mental health and wellbeing, NHS services, and links to further information.

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021, 2:54 pm
The new booklet will be an invaluable help on all matter related to Covid-19

The Guide is currently available electronically, from the coronavirus website www.coronavirus.wi.nhs.scot, but a limited number of hard copies are available for those who are most vulnerable and those with limited access to the internet.

A spokesman said: “We will be working with local organisations to help identify and circulate booklets to those most in need.

“The guide includes important and quick reference information about symptoms, how to avoid Covid-19, testing, self-isolation, self care advice, protection levels, Covid-19 vaccination, managing anxieties and looking after your own wellbeing, NHS service information (including virtual clinics), and a page of important telephone numbers and links.

NHS Western Isles Maggie Jamieson, said: “We hope this guide will be useful across our communities, either to use as a quick reference booklet as and when required for certain aspects of the pandemic, or as a booklet to read to help you stay informed. Please download it and save it somewhere and share with your friends and family.

“We will be making a limited number of hard copies available, but we will be restricting the number of copies printed in each print run, as certain parts of the booklet will need revised on an ongoing basis as things change and develop.”