Petition set up in protest over dentist issues

A petition has been set up by a fed-up island woman urging the Scottish Government to remedy the 'appalling lack of NHS registration on Lewis'.

In a statement submitted to the Gazette, she claimed islanders were being forced to travel to the mainland to register with an NHS dentist due to waiting list times in Stornoway.

“The deterioration in dental health on this island that results from the Scottish Government’s inactionis obvious,” she says. “The Scottish Government must therefore reintroduce no-delay dental registrations for residents on the Isle of Lewis as a matter of urgency. We do not want talk. We want action.”

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A new multi-million pound dentist practice was built in the town but the numbers of working dentists has fallen in the past few years, which has reduced the number of patients who can be dealt with.

The petition is available at this link.