Scottish spa treatment: Bobbi Brown The Studio, Edinburgh

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics launch new store on George Street, Edinburgh. Picture: Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics launch new store on George Street, Edinburgh. Picture: Bobbi Brown

To celebrate 25 years, Bobbi Brown’s team is helping women to “look like themselves”

The treatment

A gratis 40-minute Pro Makeup Lesson in the Private Makeup Area at Bobbi Brown The Studio, see for the next visit from a member of their professional team, venues vary. Also, make-up lessons with their in-house team are available. Phone to book.

Why go?

Bobbi Brown has been going for an amazing 25 years and, to celebrate, they’ve launched their Be Who You Are campaign, which aims to make women look like themselves, but “prettier and more confident”. As someone who is a bit of a neophile when it comes to make-up, I’ve lost my way when it comes to what actually suits me. Help Bobbi, who am I?

Our spy says

The new Edinburgh studio is as smart and slick as new paint, with stands full of pretty colours and pots of creams. But, of course, it’s very busy, which is why they have the quiet area at the back, for those who want to be made over in a calm private space. (Just mention this when booking your make-up session if you’d rather be here). All of the make-up artists are trained in the ways of Bobbi, but I’m being made over by Hannah Martin, their senior pro artist for the UK and Ireland.

“What would you like me to do today?” she asks, and I tell her I want make-up like hers, as she’s got the perfect au naturale look for day, with smoky brown eyes, a sunny glow and glossy lips. After removing my make-up, Hannah expertly sets to work and I take away some top tips.

1 It’s all about the stippling. I tend to rub in foundation and concealer, but the trick is to pat it on and push and mould it onto the skin.

2 Use eyelash curlers BEFORE applying mascara (Hannah used Smokey Eye Mascara, £11), so lashes fan out.

3 If you’ve got blotchy skin like mine, go for a lilac-toned blusher that doesn’t match those ruddy bits. (Hannah used the blush in Pastel Pink, £19.50). Use it on the apple of the cheeks, but also sweep towards your outer hairline, so your face doesn’t look flat.

4 I’ve always been averse to eyeliner under the eyes, but applying it on the lash line made my eyes look bigger.

5 I need a grey eyeliner (Long-Wear Eyeliner in Smoke, £19), as it’s much softer than my usual black.

The results

I have not been contoured, made to look like a clown, or had a whole new face painted on. The bits I like are accentuated, and I don’t have to scrub any layers off when I get to the office. Me, but better. Thanks Bobbi (and Hannah).

• Bobbi Brown The Studio (37b George Street, Edinburgh, 0370 192 5917,