15 years of Young Musicians

Young Musicians Hebrides are celebrating 15 years of music making for young people with a reunion workshop and concert on 14th July at 4.00pm in the Bridge Community Centre and they are hoping that as many former members of the orchestras will dust off their instruments and join them.

This concert is just part of the three-day-music-making gala which will include performances of “Flannan Isle” at the Harris Arts Festival on 13th July and on 15th July to mark the Tall Ships visit to Stornoway.

“Flannan Isle” is a very special piece of music commissioned for Young Musicians by our founder Liz Emerson and composed by Richard Hill. The poem of the same name, by W.W. Gibson, had long fascinated Richard, and Liz’s idea for Young Musicians to have an original piece of music was the catalyst for the composition. The first performance was on 15th December 1999, in Breasclete Hall, exactly 99 years after the light was last seen, when three light keepers mysteriously disappeared.

“It will be extra-special to have as many as possible of the founding members to play the concerts, and will be inspirational for our current Young Musicians to play alongside them. Learning to play an instrument is a skill for life, and this is an opportunity for us to celebrate that too,” says Jane Gray, Executive Director. YMH are also delighted that the event is being organised by an original Young Musician, Kristen Macleod, who has returned from two years in Boston studying Music Therapy. “It’s been great to go through the music and find people’s names on the parts, bringing back lots of special memories. It was an important time for me, in shaping my decisions to study music and I’m really looking forward to performing the piece again with some of my first musical friends.”

Jane adds: “Kristen is busy arranging rehearsals and distributing music so please get in touch if you would like to play, and pass the word along - we need to know how many T-shirts to order! Join us on Facebook to find out what’s on, phone 705557, or email info@ymh.org.uk”