Are you ‘Virtually Me’?

ARE you lost without your mobile phone? Are your meal times taken over with beeps and phone alerts as you juggle the outside world with your family?

You could be the perfect family to help make a new documentary ‘Virtually Me’.

Being produced by Cross Street Films/ Studio Lambert and directed by a Bafta award winning film maker, the exciting and ground-breaking documentary film for cinema release will look at the question or whether social media is changing our lives for the better or are we missing out because the world is at our fingertips?

Emily Hudson of Cross Street Films, explained: “We are looking for families and young people who feel that social media is an intrinsic part of their day to day lives; whether it be parents on their Blackberry’s or the kids permanently updating their Facebook status.”

At this stage there is no commitment to take part in the film – documentary makers are simply keen to talk to people who are interested in this subject matter and whose families are daily users of social media.

If you’re interested and want to find out more, contact Emily at or phone 0207 502 3818, text 0758 0688 647 or BBM 29F6C2DD