Barra Mod goes ahead after disruption of gales

Sgoil Eolaigearraidh conductor John James Galbraith and pupil with Anne and Len Maguire Trophy.
Sgoil Eolaigearraidh conductor John James Galbraith and pupil with Anne and Len Maguire Trophy.

The Wee Barra Mod, as some are now calling it, took place on Saturday 7th October, having been postponed for a week due to the violence of the equinoxial gales of the previous weekend.

For Barraich any event of this kind in mid to late September runs the risk of clashing with the forces of nature as they adjust from their summer systems to those of winter, but summer school holidays aside it is hard to find a Friday to Saturday slot which is not already taken up by some other Provincial Mod in the months before The Big One.

In the week before the event such was the concern of the organisers about the consequences of the postponement that an appeal went out to Radio nan Gaidheal, Facebook and other agencies to help find, in particular, replacement adjudicators, an appeal which bore fruit when some kind Gaelic scholarly and musical souls, largely from the Lewis and Benbecula colleges, soon got in touch and …..problem solved!

Moran taing Donna, Marie, Tracy, Margaret, Chloe and Jordan, and indeed to the aforementioned agencies which brought the problem to people’s notice.

The Adjudicators considered the standard of Gaelic to be high as was the musical competence of the competitors.

Co dhiubh all went well and despite the inevitable reduction in numbers, competitions went ahead and competitors were duly adjudicated and assessed both by the appointed judges on the bench and those in the audience, and away from the competition rooms youngsters were to be seen unhealthily munching sugary goodies and drinking sweet fizzy drinks, while the supervisory grown-ups, forgetful for the day of their vows to lose weight before Christmas, happily joined them.

Huge words of thanks must go to Michael the chef and all his helpers, members of Castlebay Community School staff who gave of their time, those who provided baking etc and those who manned the doors and chaired the competitions.