BBC ALBA potrays reality of adjusting to life with a prosthetic

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Learning to walk is one of the first things most of us do as an infant, however some people have to learn to walk all over again.

A new documentary for BBC ALBA, ‘Ceum air Cheum / Step by Step’ examines the life changing impact of losing a limb and having to adjust to life with a prosthetic leg.

In recent years, the media has portrayed amputees as superhuman – and many do go on to achieve feats which until recently would have seemed impossible. For the vast majority, the reality is very different.

BBC ALBA was given access to the largest specialist centre for amputees in Scotland – WestMARC, West of Scotland Mobility and Rehabilitation Centre.

Prosthetic legs don’t work out for all and sadly 60% of WestMARC’s patients need to be in a wheelchair.

This documentary follows the progress of four people, for whom prosthetic legs were successful, as well as seeing how cutting edge technology can transform the lives of those who can afford it.

‘Ceum air Cheum / Step by Step’, produced by Matchlight for BBC ALBA, will be shown on Thursday 6 April at 9pm.