Beautiful Islands

editorial image

Some of the submissions for our Beautiful Islands feature.

Top photograph was submitted by Maria MacKay of Arnol and features a spectacular October sunrise at Arnol.

Second photograph is from Christina Finlayson of Ness and is an Ariel view of the Skye bridge taken from a plane.

Our third featured photograph is from reader Tommy Stewart and captures two Herons in a tree along the walk from Cuddy Point out to the River Creed. Photo was taken with a Nikon D40 camera (cheat set on auto) with a 55-200 Lens.

If you would like to submit a photograph to our Beautiful Islands feature email your image with your name, address, where the image was taken and what inspired you to take the photograph, along with any technical information. Images may also be funny rather than just picturesque, please include a caption for these.

Send images marked ‘Beautiful Islands’ to: