Become a friend of Sir E Scott

The worldwide alumni of Sir E Scott school in Harris are being urged to show their support for the school as it enters a new era in its history.

In the midst of a major re-build of the school, staff and former pupils have got together to set up Friends of Sir E Scott.

They have already written to former pupils who attended the Reunion back in 2010 but want to spread the message even further.

Harris stalwart John Murdo Morrison has been instrumental in taking the project forward along with Sir E Scott teachers particularly Deputy Headteacher Calum Mackay.

“We want to make a worldwide appeal,” said Mr Morrison. “We found at the reunion that people wanted to keep in touch with what was going on at the school on a more regular basis.”

To become a Friend, people must give a commitment to make a donation to support the school and in return would receive an exclusive tour of the new school, a copy of the school newsletter each term and be invited to school events.

Construction work at the new Sir E Scott school is due to be completed in the autumn and in the meantime, Friends of Sir E Scott hope to issue a commemorative booklet tracing the history of the school and the many people associated with it.

They also have a huge amount of archive material about the school which dates back to August 1891 when it first opened.

At that time, Sir Edward Scott was the owner of North Harris and he donated the land in West Tarbert on which the original school was built. A new annexe to the school was opened in May 1926.

A school canteen was built behind the school in the late 1940s and the Hostel opened in 1956. The gym building opened in 1961. Later in the early 1970s the Mill building was converted into classrooms and a large building was opened in 1978. September 1981 the canteen moved into the old Hostel building and a swimming pool was also opened at the east end of the Secondary in 1981 – this was later demolished after the current swimming pool wsa completed.

The improved leisure facilities were completed in 2005.

If you would like to become a Friend of Sir E Scott, please contact John Murdo Morrison on 01855 502234 or contact the school on 01859 502900 or email