Black Pudding decision imminent

Stornoway Black Pudding could soon enjoy EU protection.
Stornoway Black Pudding could soon enjoy EU protection.
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HIGHLANDS and Islands MSP Rhoda Grant is delighted that Protected Geographical Indicator (PGI) status for the Stornoway Black Pudding will be granted any day now.

The EU wide consultation closed on December 15th, and Mrs Grant has been advised by the EC that no objections have been received and the procedure to add the name to the EU register of PDO and PGIs has been launched.

The Scottish Government, in answer to a Parliamentary Question which Mrs Grant tabled, confirms that the protected status is expected to be granted around the end of January/mid February.

Mrs Grant said: “Our campaign to protect the identity of the Stornoway Black Pudding started in 2008 when we discovered that “copy cat” black puddings were being produced and passed off as the real thing under the guise of ‘Stornoway Style Black Pudding’.

“My colleagues and I have worked alongside the Stornoway butchers who produce Stornoway Black Pudding since then to have its identify protected in law.”

She continued: “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery but nothing comes close to the taste of real Stornoway Black Pudding. This is why we simply had to protect the identity of the real puddings which are produced in Stornoway to traditional family recipes.

“I am delighted that the PGI is imminent – this will safeguard the Stornoway Black Pudding, allow the producers to further enhance their place in the global market and ensure that people the world over continue to savour the unique quality and taste of real Stornoway Black Pudding.”