Cable car from Barvas to Tarbert

The latest exhibition to be featured at the An Lanntair arts centre in Stornoway “Suspension and Disbelief” will be launched on November 18th at 5pm.

“If ever a vehicle was driven in defiance of God’s will, it was across the Barvas moor”.

These were the words of Hugh Morrison: Leodhasach, engineer, visionary, in the aftermath of the Second World War.

“What Lewis needs is a modern, sustainable, brave new transport solution”.

His proposal was to build the world’s longest cable car system, one that would stretch almost the entire length of Lewis, from Barvas to Stornoway and south through Lochs to Tarbert.

The An Lanntair exhibition which runs from November 2016 to January 17th 2017 welcomes you aboard the Hebridean Cable Transit Company.

The new exhibition is by Philippa Thomas and Hector MacInnes, and retraces the journey from its 1948 launch, through its glorious heyday, and onwards to its subsequent demise.

At the centre of “Suspension and Disbelief” will be a completed restoration of the last surviving HCTC cable car gondola.

For more information about the restoration and the exhibition, visit:|website}