Celebrating 130 years of the Fishermen’s Mission

STORNOWAY Port Missioner, Superintendent Finlay Macleod, joined Her Royal Highness the Princess Anne, President of the Royal Nation Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen, and Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, in celebration of 130 years of the charity’s works.

Along with port staff from Missions around the UK, Mr Macleod recently attended the Annual National Service for Seafarers which took place this month at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

A special thanks was offered for the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen, which this year marks 130 years offering emergency and welfare support to active and retired fishermen and their families throughout the UK.

During the service, the sermon from Mark 14 on ‘The Watchkeeper’ was preached by the Rev Andrew Wright, Mission Chaplain, who is a regular visitor to Stornoway’s Fishermen’s Mission.

Also participating as part of the Colour Party was Superintendent Matthew Ramsay from the Fishermen’s Mission in Kintyre.

Prior to his retirement a short time ago Matthew, who is also well known in and around Stornoway Harbour, was the Bosun onboard the Fishery Protection vessel ‘Norna’.

The inauguration of annual seaman’s service at St Paul’s first began in 2905 on the centenary of the death of Admiral Nelson, and has continued ever since, apart from some gaps during the First and Second World Wars.

The 2011 service saw the Cathedral filled to capacity with a congregation of over 2,500 present. Representatives also came from the Royal and Merchant Navies, HM Coastguard, the RNLI, the RFA, Trinity House, the commercial world, shipping companies, mission and philanthropic societies, veteran’s associations, schools and museums, labour unions, and youth and leisure organisations.