Chasing Waves in the Hebrides

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Shattering the idea of what the Hebrides culture is like, and bringing it right into the modern day, tomorrow (20th July) will show a programme all about the surfing scene of the Western Isles.

Scotland’s beautiful beaches are well known, but the active world of watersports seemed far removed until now.

Chasing Waves is an hour-long programme following local director John Murdo MacAulay over nine months as he learns the ropes of surfing and discovers more about this little-known micro-community.

With white sand and turquoise see, you might be forgiven in thinking that this beautiful one-off documentary was filmed in more tropical regions, however it was filmed in the Western Isles of Scotland, off the coast of the Isle of Lewis.

John Murdo is an up and coming celebrity in his own right, winning the Film G award last year for Best Drama and Best Director.

This year he will be directing some episodes of BBC ALBA flagship drama Bannan, which is produced by Inbetweeners creator Chris Young.

Watch John Murdo as he takes a break from his usual role behind the camera in Chasing Waves, Friday, 20th July at 7.30pm on BBC ALBA.

The programme will be available to view on the iPlayer.