Children’s book deal with friendship and loss

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Author Molly Arbuthnott from Perthshire took inspiration from losing her beloved cat Oscar, a 15 year old Blue Point Siamese, onboard a Calmac ferry from South Uist three years ago and has penned a children’s book in memory of him.

Molly was returning from a holiday on South Uist when Oscar managed to escape from her car on the car-deck of MV Lord of the Isles.

Unaware that the curious cat had managed to climb out of the window, she only discovered he was missing when the vessel arrived in Oban six hours later.

She says of the book: “It was a fateful day in 2014 when Oscar disappeared. Though without such an event there would be no story.

“Though Oscar was never seen again his memory is now immortalised in the minds of all the children who read this book.”

The illustrations in the book depict Oscar making new friends following his ‘escape’.

The book is described as: “Oscar is an ordinary cat until, one day, his life is turned upside down.

“When he finds himself alone on a ferry, he begins to search for a new friend.

“How will he cope being on his own and will he ever find somewhere he can call home?”

The book priced £7.99 is available on Cal Mac Ferries, the Watermill in Aberfeldy and in Fort William.

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