Christmas Tree donated from Sand Street

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A Stornoway tree has a new job this Christmas as it takes pride of place as the town’s official Christmas Tree in Perceval Square.

Stornoway Amenity Trust, together with Stornoway Trust, were very pleased to be asked by Mrs Annie Mary Macleod (84) of Sand Street to cut down a spruce tree which was threatening to fall on her home.

Mrs Macleod’s late husband David S Macleod planted the tree in the mid 1980s as part of a scheme running through the Integrated Development Programme (IDP) to encourage crofters to plant trees for shelter.

A spokesperson for the Stornoway Amenity Trust said: “The tree looks great in Perceval Square for Christmas and it will be cut up for logs later on. Many thanks to the Macleods of Sand Street.”

Join in the celebrations this Friday (December 8th) starting at 6.30pm when the town’s lights will be switched on with an evening of entertainment, music and shopping.