Church partnership formed between Stornoway and India

Unveiling the plaque at the ceremony.
Unveiling the plaque at the ceremony.

A group of people from St Columba’s Old Parish Church in Stornoway travelled to Bangalore in India in January 2010. This trip was organised by Rev TK Shadakshari, a member of the Kirk Session.

While there the group was split into four smaller groups to attend various churches on Sunday. One of the groups found that the church they had attended had an urgent need to purchase the land on which their small church was built as there was a fear that the landlord would sell the ground to a developer.

The group felt that they would like to try and raise the money required to purchase the land and thereby secure their place of worship.

Various fundraising events were held and over £20,000 was raised in nine months thanks to the generosity of many in the church and the community.

A few of the group that had gone to Bangalore last year decided to pay a return visit this January to strengthen the bonds of friendship formed last year, and find out what a week in the life of the Jeevarakshaka Church was like.

The warmth of welcome by members and from the ministry team was wonderful as we spent time in their homes and at church meetings. They were constantly expressing their gratitude for our help in securing their place of worship and for this remarkable partnership.

On Sunday 23rd January a dedication and thanksgiving service was held at the Jeevarakshaka (which means Saviour of Life) Prayer House where Rev Dr Angus Morrison minister of St Columba’s Church unveiled a plaque to commemorate the dedication of the church and the partnership with the Church in Stornoway.

Dr Morrison preached at the service which followed. Rev TK Shadakshari also took part. This service was a source of great celebration and thanksgiving to God.

Pastor Suresh Das said that this day was an answer to 14 years of prayer. For those who attended they experienced a moving and very special experience. And they felt privileged to have been involved and to have the ongoing bond of fellowship with these lovely Christian friends in India.

The group look forward to seeing how these special bonds may develop further.

Pictured above is the unveiling of the plaque at the ceremony.