Communications summit in Stornoway

Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil will gather together representatives from mobile phone companies in Lewis on Friday to see what can be done to improve the mobile phone coverage in the Western Isles. The summit will also hear a talk from a representative from Faroese Telecom who have achieved 100 per cent coverage across their islands and this extends to full coverage 50km out to sea. It is hoped that from this summit solutions can be found to urgently address the lack of coverage in many areas of the islands.

Commenting Mr MacNeil said:

“For far too long the Western Isles have been left behind when it comes to mobile phone issues and the severe lack of coverage in many areas. At the summit the main players in the industry will be represented; Vodafone,02,Orange/T-Mobile. Also there will be community representatives.

“In comparison to the Faroe Islands our coverage is lagging well behind a place that is not much bigger than the Western Isles. Kristian Davidsen, Chief Executive of Faroese Telecom will give a talk on how they achieved full coverage in these islands.

“From this summit I would hope that we would find out how full coverage can be achieved in the Western Isles, making things easier for the likes of the emergency services, who at the moment are hindered by the lack of coverage in many areas.”