Dawkins opens the door for the Christian Church, says Free Church minister

One of Professor Richard Dawkins’ most famous books has presented the Christian Church with an open door to share its message with the world, according to a Free Church of Scotland minister.

Rev David Robertson, one of Scotland’s leading Christian thinkers, believes that ‘The God Delusion’ is not a threat, but an opportunity because millions of people had never seriously thought about God and the Bible.

Both men are appearing at the Faclan Book Festival on the Isle of Lewis this week.

Mr Robertson said: “Richard Dawkins has done us a big favour.

“A book about God and the bible has become a best seller and as a result has opened up a discussion that many people thought was over.

“I recently did a show with Marcus Brigstocke, the comedian, in which he declared – ‘Before I read The God Delusion I was a an atheist, after I read it I was an agnostic – I don’t want to read it again in case I turn into a Christian’!

“I actually know of people who have been converted through reading The God Delusion and interacting with the discussion.

“Dawkins has opened the door. We have now have to walk through it.”

Mr Robertson will be speaking tonight about his book, ‘The Dawkins Letters’, which is a rebuttal to the Professor’s ‘The God Delusion’.