Doctor Doctor

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A man walked into the doctor’s. The doctor said “I haven’t seen you in a long time”. The man replied, “I know I’ve been ill”.

A very old joke indeed, albeit a good one from Tommy Cooper, but after you have had a good laugh read it again and think of some man you know and love and you will probably agree that it is pretty close to the truth because for some unexplained reason very few men visit their Doctor and when they do it is often far too late.

I had a bad cough recently and I waited over two weeks before visiting the Doctor. They told me that two weeks was enough and I was right to pop in as I was still coughing.

It was one of those coughs that really annoy people as they think you are trying to catch their attention.

You know the cough I mean? That pretend one to make someone turn round only this time it was for real and left me with a few dirty looks as I walked through the Co-op.

Anyway the Doctor had a few listens to my back, detected a possible infection and gave me a few pills.

Within a week I was right as rain. Back at work I noticed a colleague with a similar cough and asked how long it had been bothering him. Four weeks he said!

I couldn’t believe it and later that night, at the bowling, I was telling another friend about the stupid colleague who wouldn’t go to the doctor and unbelievably that friend also had a cough and hadn’t been to see the doctor and this was after six weeks!!

So it’s time to man up and get to the doctor before any more men keel over. There is nothing to be worried about.

The doctor is not going to laugh at you when you tell them your problem, no matter where that problem is.

Take me for example, I had to tell my doctor about a painful situation in a place where most men would rather die than show their doctor.

In the end I had to go behind the curtain, drop the trousers and lie on my side whilst the doctor slapped on the sterile gloves and made ready with the gel.

I must have misheard her exact instructions as when she opened the curtain she quickly threw her hands to her eyes and shouted, “I said face the other way!!!”

So if I can survive an experience like that then what have the rest of you got to worry about?

Just remember this though; there are no good reasons not to see your doctor, only excuses.